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Nutrition: the carrot contains a significant amount of carbohydrates and high in fiber, both soluble and insoluble, it normalizes the intestinal transit, preventing constipation and protects against colon cancer and cardiovascular disease, although probably most remarkable aspect of this food. With regard to vitamin intake, the carrot contains a high amount of carotenoids with vitamin A activity (once in the body are converted to vitamin A, vitamin necessary for the proper functioning of the retina and especially for night vision or low light for healthy skin and mucous membranes). The most abundant beta-carotene, which some studies have attributed a preventive role against diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, cataracts and senile macular degeneration due to its antioxidant capacity, and modulating the immune response. He is the alpha carotene, whose serum levels are inversely related to the presence of heart disease and arterial plaque formation, and trace amounts (minimum) cryptoxanthin